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So Goodbye To Blood Sucking Bed Bugs For Good!

Aardvark Pest Pro Bed Bug Treatment Services in Newark and surrounding areas.

Aardvark is your trusted pest control partner. Bed bug control is one of our specialties. We have years of bed bug extermination experience and the know-how on getting rid of them. Give us a call today to speak to a professional before the bed bug population in your home has time to grow. Call us today to speak with a professional before the ant population in your home has time to worsen. Explore our comprehensive pest control services for a lasting solution.

Affordable Bed Bug Treatment With Aardvark Pest Pro

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Nobody wants bed bugs, but if you get a bed bug infestation, they can be a scary issue. Many people lose sleep and have heightened anxiety or insomnia because of the thought of bed bugs. Aardvark Pest Pro is your trusted and experienced bed bug exterminator. Our bed bug removal services start at $699+Tax Financing available through Affirm.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Process

Aardvark uses a two-treatment process to eliminate bed bugs. First we give you the list of how to prepare for your bed bug treatment. In the initial treatment, we then come out, do a thorough inspection, and treat the affected areas as well as areas around the home where bed bugs like to hide. We then come back two weeks later and perform the same treatment again to ensure their removal.

Guaranteed Results With Our Bed Bug Treatment
Seriously! Guaranteed Results

Our bed bug treatments are guaranteed for 60 days. If you’re seeing bed bug again within 60 days from our first treatment, give us a call and we’ll retreat for FREE.

Everything You Should Know About Bed Bugs

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a fast-spreading insect that feeds on blood, usually at night. Bed bug activity can be commonly found in mattress seams, box springs, furniture, and carpet. This is why swift treatment is recommended.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

They are small, flat and wingless. They are reddish-brown in color and about ¼ inch long. Usually it’s their droppings that will give them away.

What Are The Bed Bug Dangers & Life Cycle?

Bedbugs usually live anywhere from 10-12 months. They seek blood (for food) every 4-5 days. The females can lay up to 5 eggs per day and up to 113 in their lifespan.

About 50% of people suffer a reaction when bitten by bed bugs.

Bed Bug Resources

Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions

Bed bug bite marks look similar to bites from mosquitoes or fleas. The bites can either be random or in a straight line.

There is a common misconception that bed bugs are too small to see. This is not true. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. (4-7mm in length)

Bed bugs feed solely on blood. That’s right, just like vampires.
Bed bugs are not known to spread disease.
The easiest way to find bed bugs is to spot their droppings. Look at the seams and corners of your mattress, box spring and bed frame. Also look in the creases in your furniture.
Yes! Although most won’t survive, the washing machine is not a guarantee. The dryer on high heat is what is most effective at eliminating bed bugs in your linens. If you have a bed bug problem it’s best to call a professional for treatment.
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