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Aardvark is your trusted pest control Service, and hornet treatment and removal is one of our specialties. We have years of exterminating hornets and have the know-how on getting rid of them. Give us a call today to speak to a professional before the hornet population in your home has time to grow.

Affordable Hornet Pest Control

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Hornets are aggressive stinging insects that cause serious pain and allergic reactions. Due to their aggressive nature, removal can be costly. The US average for this service is $350. Aardvark Pest Pro is experienced in Hornet control and treatment and can take care of your hornet infestation starting at $275 + tax.

Hornet Treatment Process

An Aardvark Pest Pro professional will come to your property and thoroughly inspect the hornet nest and surrounding area. We will then treat the affected area. We recommend removing the nest in the winter. If the nest is outside hanging from a tree, the wind and rain usually remove the nest naturally.
Image of a Bald Faced Hornet, a black and white-colored wasp species, perched on a half-dead leaf with curled edges.
Guaranteed Results With Our Hornet Treatment
Assurance For The Whole Year
Our hornet control services are guaranteed for the season in the area where the nest was initially treated by Aardvark.
Image of a hornet, a large wasp with yellow and black stripes, perched on the top of a broken stick.

Hornets - What you should know

Identifying Hornets

The European hornet is the most common in North America. Hornets look similar to the yellow jacket but look more orange in color. They have six legs, antennas and wings with a defined waist. Their abdomens will have yellowish-orange and black stripes.

Do Hornets Sting?

Yes. A hornet sting is very painful. Their sting contains more venom than any other stinging insect. This is because hornets are larger and carry more venom than other stinging insects. Being stung by multiple hornets can cause serious reactions.

What Do Hornets Eat?

Hornets often eat wasps, caterpillars, crickets and grasshoppers to name a few. They are less interested in fruit and sugary drinks common at picnics than other flying insects.

When are Hornets Most Active

Hornets are fair-weather insects and become active after the temperatures reach 75 degrees Fahrenheit. They will be most active and aggressive in late summer and early fall.
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Frequently Asked Hornet Questions

Hornet nests commonly have between 100-700 worker hornets.
Hornets nests are commonly the size of a volleyball but can grow to be as large as a washing machine if left to grow in a place where the nest doesn’t have to hang.
The US average for Hornet nest treatment is $350. This is due to the insect’s aggressive nature to defend it’s colony.
Hornets fly 14 miles per hour on average but can fly faster if provoked to defend their colony.

The Bald faced hornet has been proven to be able to remember faces. This is a great reason to not provoke a hornet nest.

The average worker can live up to a few months but the queens can live up to 5 years. These lifespans can vary depending on the hornet species.
Hornet nest removal should be taken seriously. The best time of the year is in the winter when the nest is dormant and likely abandoned. Its best to contact a professional hornet exterminator to determine if the nest is dormant.
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