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Aardvark Pest Pro is your trusted, local pest control service. Wasp control is one of our specialties with years of experience in wasp extermination to back it up. Give us a call if you have a wasp problem and we’ll make them buzz off!

Affordable Wasp Control & Treatment

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These stinging insects are a serious nuisance. Tell them to buzz off without banking the bank. Aardvark Pest Pro has wasp exterminator services starting at $49 + tax.

Wasp Treatment Process

An Aardvark Pest Pro will come out and inspect the area affected by the wasps. We will then treat the affected area and knock down the nest if possible. Wasps are a covered insect under our general pest control program.
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Guaranteed Results With Our Wasp Treatment
Assurance For The Whole Year
We guarantee our work. If the wasps come back to the same spot within 30 days of treatment we’ll come back and retreat for FREE.
This is a close-up image of a dark paper wasp - to help identify what it looks like to tell if you have an infestation. you can see its black and yellow stripes with its wings folded in This section is talking about wasp treatment

Wasps - What you should know

What Do Wasps Look Like?

Most wasps will have a thin waist, wings, large abdomen usually with strips in black, yellow or orange. Wasps have six legs and no hair, unlike honey bees.

Types Of Wasps

There are over 30,000 different wasp species worldwide.

Here is an image of a black and yellow mud dauber wasp with a thin waist, long antennae, and four wings. You can see the body is elongated with a cylindrical state. Allowing the viewer to easily identify what this wasp looks like so they can tell if they need to call an exterminator to help mitigate a mud dauber infestation.

Mud Dauber Wasps

Mud daubers or mud wasps build their nests out of mud. These nests commonly look like mud pipes all stacked next to each other or are round / oblong in shape resembling clay. Mud wasps are the least aggressive wasps and are unlikely to sting. They do not defend their nests like other aggressive stinging insects. These insects are actually beneficial for spider control.

This is an image of a full-size paper wasp standing on a white background to help identify if you have a was an infestation. you can see its slender body with black and yellow coloring with its wings in the upward position

Paper Wasps

The paper wasp gathers wood and plant fibers, then mix it with their saliva to build their nests. These wasp nests have the classic honeycomb look but can build to be quite large with an inverted umbrella look. They are not as aggressive as hornets but will protect themselves and their colony. Their sting, like most insects, is venomous which makes it very painful and can cause serious allergic reactions in some individuals.

Are wasps dangerous?

A wasp sting can be very painful. Unlike the honey bee, wasps can sting multiple times. Wasps are also very territorial and aggressively protect their nest and colony. Most stings from flying insects can cause serious allergic reactions in some individuals.

How to prevent wasps

Make sure windows are tight and you have no damaged screens around your home. Keep lids on garbage and recycling cans. Remove food sources like garbage and hummingbird feeders. Taking these steps can help prevent a wasp infestation.
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Frequently Asked Wasp Questions

Generally worker wasps can live up to 22 days while the queens can live up to a year. Don’t be fooled by their short lifespan though. These pests can multiply quickly.
Wasps can fly up to 20 mph so don’t get any ideas about out running them.
Unlike the yellow jacket that can sting and bite, wasps only sting.
Yes. When a wasp dies it releases pheromones letting the others know. Call a professional wasp control service for safe wasp extermination.
Wasps eat nectar, fruit, insects and love sugar! This is why they like picnics and outdoor parties with food.

Wasp colonies can grow as big at 10,000 by the end of the summer if left untreated. Call a wasp pest control service if you spot them starting a nest.

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