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Pest Control Services In Newark & Surrounding Areas

General pest control refers to the management and elimination of common household pests. It involves the use of various pest control methods to prevent, eradicate, or minimize the damage caused by these pests in both residential and commercial properties year-round.

Additional Pest Control Services

Affordable Treatments For Common Household Pests

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What Are Targeted Pest Control Services?

Along side of our General Pest Control Program and Termite Inspection, we also offer a wide variety of targeted pest control services. This allows us to pinpoint a specific infestation and address it head on. So, whether you have a bed bug problem to a mole problem we will help keep your home pest free!

Our Different Targeted Pest Control Services

Bed bug removal eliminates large populations of bed bugs in areas such as homes and hotels. These parasitic insects feed on blood and can cause itchy bites and allergic reactions.

Effectively remove moles, which can cause damage to lawns and gardens by digging tunnels and creating raised ridges of soil.

Removing termites from homes and businesses. Termites are wood-destroying insects that can cause substantial damage to structures while being hard to detect.

Eliminating cockroaches in homes and businesses. Cockroaches are common pests that can carry disease, contaminate food and cause allergic reactions.

Flea removal is the process of eliminating fleas which are blood sucking insects that can cause skin irritation, transmit diseases and infest homes and pets.

Yellow jacket removal eliminates this aggressive insect that can sting multiple times causing pain and potential life threatening allergic reactions.

Wasp removal eliminates these stinging insects from your home and backyard. These stings can cause serious pain and potential life threatening reactions.

Hornet removal eliminates hornets from your home or outdoor space. These stinging insects can remember faces, cause serious pain, and life threatening allergic reactions.

Ant removal is the process of eradicating homes of these common household pests. They can contaminate food, damage property and be a nuisance.

Carpenter ant removal will eliminate these pests from your home and outdoor space. These insects can cause serious damage to wood structures and if left untreated can spread rapidly.

Rodent removal refers to the process of eliminating mice and other common household rodents. These pests can contaminate food, damage property, and transmit diseases.

The goal of mosquito removal is to reduce the risk of mosquito borne disease and provide a comfortable and safe living environment.

Guaranteed Results With Targeted Pest Control Services
Unlike other companies who charge for retreats, we do the job right, the first time. If you have any issues in between treatments, give us a call, and we’ll retreat for FREE.

What Makes Aardvark Pest Pro Stand Out From The Competition

Locally Owned & Opporated

We are a small, local, family owned business. Unlike the big national companies, you support your local economy and neighbors when you support local business. We live in the communities we serve and are honored to be your neighbors.

We Don't Force Customers Into Contracts

Unlike our large competitors, we don’t believe in contracts. Large pest control companies will likely try to lock you into 2-3 year pest control contracts. This only benefits them as it incentivizes lesser service to keep the pest problem persistent. We believe in solving your pest problem once and for all. Most of our services come with a guarantee, so if the pests come back after our treatment we come back and retreat for FREE.

We Come With Years Of Experience

We come from a background of families in the pest control industry. We grew up in the industry and now run our own company to continue the legacy. We know the pests that are bugging you and the know-how to get rid of them. We have confidence in our treatments and guarantees to back them up.

Don't Put Off Your Infestation Give Us A Call Today!

Other Pest Control Options

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The Aardvark Pest Pro General Pest Control Program

Our general pest control program is our most popular service. It consists of five treatments throughout the year to keep your home pest free all year long. Customers love it because if covered pests come back in between treatments we’ll retreat for FREE!

Termite Inspection For Home-owners & Home-buyers

Wood destroying insect inspections, commonly known as termite inspections are essential for real estate transactions and diligent homeowners. This inspection is for termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants and carpenter bees. We’re licensed and trained to provide thorough inspections to NPMA-33 standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pest problems left untreated can allow the problem to grow, making it more problematic to treat.

A professional exterminator will have better solutions and treatments than can be bought at common big box stores.

Our general pest control program is the best way to keep your home pest free year-round.

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