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Aardvark is your trusted Pest Control Service company.  Flea treatments and removal is one of our specialties. We have years of experience removing Fleas and have the know-how on getting rid of them. Give us a call today to speak to a professional so you can get back to a flea-free environment again.

Affordable Flea Control With Aardvark Pest Pro

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Fleas are a serious matter. They are known to carry many harmful diseases to humans. Don’t let a flea infestation have time to grow. Aardvark Pest Pro has flea treatments starting at $175 + tax.

Keep in Mind We Offer Both a flea and tick treatment program to maintain your and a one time treatment service. See which one is right for you!

Our Two Flea Control Services Services

Our Flea and Tick Program

For the best protection from fleas and ticks throughout the summer, we recommend our flea & tick program. This is a monthly service where we treat your yard once a month, starting in May through September. This is a great option if you have pets as the yard is the most likely place for your pet to come into contact with fleas and ticks. Our flea and tick program starts at $69 + tax per treatment.
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Our Flea and Tick Program Guarantee

If you participate in our flea and tick program we guarantee that if fleas or ticks are discovered in your yard in between treatments, we’ll come back and retreat for FREE.

This is a close up image of a flea to help identify what they look like. You can clearly see the brown color and with a legend in the bottom right of the image you can tell this flea is about 2 millimeters long.

The Aardvark Pest Pro Flea Treatment

Before Aardvark Pest Pro comes to your property, we will give you a list of pre-treatment tasks to complete. This will ensure the highest effectiveness for your flea treatment. We will then fully inspect the property and treat the affected areas. All pets and people will have to remain outside of the dwelling for 8 hours after treatment.

Flea Treatment Guarantee

We know our flea control techniques work. If you have a flea problem within 30 days of the initial treatment, we’ll come back and retreat for FREE.

Fleas - What You Need To Know

Types Of Fleas

There are over 2000 species of fleas worldwide The four most common types of fleas are: cat fleas, dog fleas, human fleas, and rat fleas. Cat fleas are the most common.

What Do Fleas Look Like?

Adult fleas are small, flat, wingless insects. They are usually reddish-brown in color and very fast.

Are Fleas Dangerous?

Yes. Fleas are known to carry the bubonic plague, among many other harmful diseases. The Bubonic Plague pandemic in Europe in the 14th century was spread by fleas. They can also carry health-harming bacteria like murine typhus. Lastly, fleas can cause allergic reactions in dogs and cats.
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This is another image on the website aardvark pest pro to help identify what a flea looks like. The full size image helps understand the characteristics of a flea since they are so small to see in person.

How to Prevent Fleas?

Maintain a clean home. Vacuum carpets frequently and wash bed linens. Make sure to fortify your home from rodents like mice and rats as these critters commonly carry fleas. If you have pets ask your vet for a recommended tick and flea control product (i.e. topicals or flea collars). Lastly, participate in Aardvarks flea and tick control program! Combine all of these techniques for the most effective flea prevention.

Do Fleas Bite?

Yes. Fleas bite and suck blood for food. Flea bites cause itching so if you find yourself or your pet scratching frequently, check for fleas!

What Do Fleas Eat?

Fleas get their food by sucking blood from their host. They will bite humans but prefer fury animals like dogs and cats.

Where Do Fleas Live?

Once the flea hatches and grows large enough to jump, it will hop on a host. It will remain there at all costs. Once there it will feed, mate and lay eggs. The eggs can fall off into your yard, carpet, or furniture and grow new fleas.

Frequently Asked Flea Questions

There are many effective pesticides and insecticides that target fleas at different stages in their life cycle. Whether it’s an adult flea, or immature fleas we have you covered. IGR also known as Insect Growth Regulator will exterminate the flea larvae (flea eggs) and keep the fleas from reproducing.
Immediately. Don’t let the flea infestation have time to grow. A professional flea control expert will have the know-how to get rid of your fleas.
Fleas can jump about 20cm high. This is high enough to attach themselves to a host like a dog, cat, or human.
Check your carpet, curtains, and furniture for fleas and flea dirt (flea feces). You can also use a white towel to drag across your carpet or curtains to see if it picks up fleas and flea droppings.
Fleas can live up to 12 months so they will not go away on their own anytime soon.
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