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Aardvark Pest Pro Yard Mole Control in Newark and surrounding areas.

Aardvark is your trusted pest control partner.  Mole treatments and removal is one of our specialties. We have years of experience removing yard moles and have the know-how on getting rid of them. Give us a call today to speak to a professional before the mole population in your yard destroys your perfect lawn.

Affordable Yard Mole Removal Services

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Ground Moles in your yard can be a nuisance. Although they don’t eat your plants, their burrowing can cause root damage causing plants to die. Aardvark Mole treatment starts at $150+tax. (Price varies on yard size)

Keep in Mind We Offer Both a Mole treatment program to maintain your yard year-round and also a one-time treatment service. See which one is right for you!

Yard Mole Rodent Control Program

If you want to keep a great-looking yard all season long we recommend our Mole treatment program. If you opt for the Mole treatment program the initial treatment is discounted. Then we come out every two months to check for moles and treat affected areas.

yard mole removal service
Mole Treatment Program Guarantee
Keep Your Lawn Looking Perfect

If your on the mole treatment program, if a Mole happens to enter your yard in between the scheduled treatments, we’ll come out and treat your yard for FREE.

yard mole removal service

Yard Mole Rodent Removal - One Time

If you have a Mole problem you’ve come to the right place. Our Mole removal is a two-visit treatment process. We’ll come out to the property, inspect the Mole damage, look for signs of Mole activity, and treat the affected areas. 10 days after the first treatment we ask that the customer stomps down the Mole runs. 14 days after the initial treatment we come back out and retreat the area.

Yard Mole Treatment Guarantee
Get Rid Of The Lawn Destroyer

Our Mole treatment is guaranteed for 30 days after the initial treatment. If they come back in that time frame we’ll come back and retreat for FREE.

What You Need To Know About Yard Moles

What are Moles?

Moles have adapted to become subterranean. They have very poor eyesight but a keen sense of touch. Moles are very efficient burrowers since they have large front claws that act as shovels.

Moles vs Voles

Moles are carnivores and have a diet made up of mostly earthworms. This is why they don’t eat your plants. Voles on the other hand are herbivores which means they only eat plants.

Mole Yard Damage

Moles can burrow 75ft in a day. Give them a week and that’s a lot of ground they can cover. Mole damage can result in dirt mounds, dead grass along the run as well as dead plants where Moles come in contact with their roots. Moles runs can also pose danger to small children or pets if they accidentally step in their burrow runs.
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Frequently Asked Mole Questions

Moles are always in search of food. If your yard has earthworms, grubs, or other lawn insects they’re interested!
Moles will stay in your yard as long as there is a food source available. Its best to have a professional pest control service treat your yard to stay Mole free.
Moles are most active during the Spring and Fall when the soil is damp and easier to dig. During the day Moles are most active during the early morning and evenings.
A ground Mole can burrow over 200ft in an active tunnel.
Surface tunnels are generally 3-12 inches deep but Moles are known to burrow up to 40 inches deep.
Accordion Content
In rare cases, Moles can carry rabies. It’s the insect parasites they carry that have the greater concern for humans.
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